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About Environs Residential

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Terry and Dawn: celebrating a job well done

Founded in 2001, Environs Residential is an environmentally conscious midtown Atlanta home builder. We offer custom home renovationskitchen remodels,bathroom renovations, and a variety of other home improvement services. In both the design and construction phases, we offer advice and suggestions as to how to ensure your home suits your current needs, is energy efficient and will stand the test of time both stylistically and structurally. Consider our motto:

"Quality Design & Construction for Today AND Tomorrow"

Although most of us do not plan to be in our homes for a lifetime, we frequently fail to consider future uses and inhabitants. We want what we want NOW. Construction waste is a very high percentage of landfill material. Even the most "Green" of materials is wasted if it winds up in a landfill a few years after installation. We believe we are one of the best in the business at planning and building home spaces that can be enjoyed for generations. When "Green" materials are appropriate, we are the first to recommend their use. In addition, we make every effort to recycle material from the job site whenever logistically and economically possible. We are always looking for new ways to improve and appreciate input from our clients in this ongoing effort to improve our environment and industry.

We work with a team of experienced sub-contractors, suppliers and craftsmen, many of whom have been with us since we opened our doors. When required, all are licensed and insured contractors. Your home is our home when we are on your project and we take that responsibility seriously.

Because we have been working together for years as a professional team and personal partnership, our ability to see issues before they arise is a huge benefit to our clients. Just ask them. Just drop an email to info@environsresidential.com and we will gladly provide you with a list of our clients.

Thanks for considering us for your home improvement project!

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Terry Kitts, Founding Partner and General Contractor

Terry Kitts has over 20 years of high-end construction experience in both single and multi-family homes. Early in his career, his focus was new construction in snowy mountain regions where he gained valuable knowledge of structural engineering due to snow and wind factors that had to be addressed in those areas.

He operated his own company for 8 years in Breckenridge, CO before deciding to move to Atlanta in 2001 for a warmer climate and opportunities to renovate classic, older homes.

Terry is very environmentally conscious and has done extensive research in modular construction and alternative building materials. His hopes are to include "green" options on all projects to try to educate homeowners on ways to build and protect our natural resources at the same time.

Terry was issued a State of Georgia Residential General Contractors license (#RBQA002359) and is happy the state has professionalized the industry to assist homeowners with better parameters with which to select a contractor.

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Dawn Landau, Founding Partner, Designer, and Atlanta Realtor®

Dawn Landau, a 29-year resident of Atlanta’s Intown neighborhoods, is the company's designer. Living in the City so long has strengthened her appreciation for Atlanta's older homes and increased her awareness as to building scale and community zoning issues.

Dawn offers a more detail-oriented perspective than the typical design/build company. Not only will the overall floor plan and flow be considered, but during the design phase her clients can receive furniture plans and color consultations, topics that are often left to the homeowner at the 11th hour.

Additionally, Dawn holds a real estate salesperson and broker license and has formed the Environs Real Estate Team under the Keller Williams Midtown brokerage, offering another level of expertise and opportunity for Environs clients. She is also the business manager for Environs and holds a degree in Accounting from the University of Tennessee.

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