This house originally had a nice front porch but it had been
enclosed quite some time ago with the bad decision to try to make
the house into a Tudor, leaving behind great bungalow bones….
Here's what we came up with when the new owners wanted a
porch again. Fortunately there was just enough room in the front
yard setback to bump out and add a large new porch and inviting stairs.




Another After photo of the front….

A close up of the previously enclosed, original front porch. No
eves, off center door, wrong roof pitch, bad steps from the steep
Fixed now! New gracious brick steps linking the sidewalk and
new walkway to the house, new craftsman front door, proper roof
line, trim and facia plus brick pillars for planters.




The new front porch seating area looks out to the very "neighborly" street and sidewalk. We matched the brick, used a quarry tile floor and selected a fantastic new door . The railing was set on a low brick wall to offer some "period" consistency while offering a sight-line to the sidewalk passersby below.


The back needed help too. The roof line didn't function with a
large flat area added previously and there was no enclosed space
on the rear of the house.
We fixed the roof and added a screened porch in the area that
used to have an ugly patio. Note the very different roof line on the
left. It now has much better scale and functionality.




The interior of the finished screened porch. The rear retaining wall
was maintained with the screening mounted on top, providing the
absolute most floor area without digging.





A view of the new screened porch from the interior. Master
bedroom on the right.




Looking toward the inside. We think all "southern" homes should
have an open front porch and a screened one on the rear with
ceiling fans and floral prints on both, of course J

The master bedroom existed but without either of the two windows on the bed wall. The very small bath was accessed from a door on the wall opposite the bed. Now the room is beautifully light-filled with the new master bath vanity is a pleasant view in the relocated doorway.
This vanity is becoming our signature configuration for smaller master bathrooms! Two sink areas divided by drawers and a storage
tower. This one has open areas beneath the sinks where this owner places basket storage units. The marble counter top adds just the right
amount of punch. We used 12 x 24 travertine floor tiles and left a nice open area at the window end for a bench. Opposite that is the new
walk-in closet with a pocket door (so every inch could be used!) Even the full-length mirror (not shown) was installed on the interior of
the pocket door, keeping it out of the way when not in use.




The shower, toilet room was once the entire bathroom for the
master. The tub is gone and houses an new walk-in shower and the
toilet is to the right of the door. All-in-all a great idea presented by
homeowners that was refined by Environs.


Finally, this hallway between the kitchen and the dining room
used to be the side entrance to the house. Since there is now a
fantastic front door and a very nice rear entrance, this area became
a wine bar and pantry area. We matched the kitchen cabinetry
color and stone as closely as possible, added a wine cooler and

We touched a lot of surface on this home, tweaking floor plans,
finishes and structure and adding some, all new features. We think
it's now putting a proper foot forward in the neighborhood. Our
clients think so too and are happy to offer a reference to those who
might be interested in our services.

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